Nuts and Bolts of Training Adults

The Nuts and Bolts of Training Adults

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Why is having a strong understanding of how adults learn so important for trainers? Just as we want to be respected for our current knowledge and ways of using new information, we want to honor the participants who choose to work with us. When we demonstrate our understanding of each participant's preferred learning styles, take care of their basic needs in the training environment, and use a variety of activities, experiences and training methods, we give participants the message that we respect them and connect with them. When we meet adults where they are, and expand their learning to assist them in applying their new knowledge to their own lives, we cement their learning.

This course bundle includes seven 3-hour training modules on the foundational principles of adult learning. The modules include:

  1. The Intentional Learning Environment
  2. Meeting Diverse Learning Styles
  3. Content that Works
  4. Instructional Methods
  5. Curriculum that Flows
  6. Measuring Effectiveness
  7. Handling Challenging Participants

The Nuts and Bolts of Training Adults includes these courses

Welcome: The Nuts and Bolts of Training Adults
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The Intentional Learning Environment
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Meeting Diverse Learning Styles
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Content That Works
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Instructional Methods
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Curriculum That Flows
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